Crystal River the Purrfect Coon

He is the wonderful son of our Yolanda Be Cool
and the brother of our Carmen Sandiego







Thank you so much dear Michael for giving "Peppone" such a lovely home :-)

Lots of hugs to you, Kathi & Verena for making this mating possible!!!!



Crystal River the Purrfect Coon   * black  smoke







Dario Fo of Caramello Coon


black mc. tabby


IC Willy Boy od Vajgaru


GIC Bonfires Orlando Blue

Wistariantale Renaissance

CH Bonfires Jayanti

EC-JW Wytopitlock Emmeline Vance

DSM EP EC Wytopitlock Gershwin

IC Wytopitlock Fair-y-Nuff


One and Only Olimpian *Ru


Supernova Matirious Way

Justcoons Cross Fire

Summerfield Savannah

Pillowtalks Grey

Cool Motion Angel-Sky

Pillowtalk United Colour



Yolanda be Cool the Purrfect Coon

black silver torbie mc.



Alwaro Kongo



Alwaro Kennedy

Dotcom Lachlan Lad

Alwaro Maxi Star

Alwaro Prada

Aloa Lord Luca

Alwaro Gini

 Leaena Sherazade's Love

You're Precious Silvi Cola

Zak-ah-ree Silvi cola

Lanterna Magica's Xenon Dream                                                   

Lilvanis Tilli

Merridancers Hellfire

Deanna Troi of Chamberlain